Seagnol Photonics Co., Ltd, established in 2015, originally, we provide survice for Chinese native customer, in 2019, we built international sales team to provide high quality optical products and services for worldwide customers. 

        In 2021, we work with Chinese Academy of Sciences together to supply high quality active products like laser diode, photodiode, Chinese Academy of Sciences is one of the most advanced optoelectronic research institutes in China, the factory located in Shandong province. We have capability to build Epitaxial Wafer, the center wavelength, 3dB wavelength bandwidth, optical power can be customized for laser diode upon customer's request.

        Seagnol Photonics focus on Optical Active and Passive Products, all products meet RoHs compliant, the products are widely applied in Telecommunication, CATV, Fiber Optic Sensor, Fiber Laser, Fiber Amplifier, Fiber Diffraction, Optic Imaging, Optical Biomedical, Quantum Field. the optical products wavelength ranges from 380~2300nm, and we also provide special customized products upon request.


Product Line:       

1. Laser Diode (Fiber Pigtailed LD, Plugable LD)

2. Photodiode (SI PD, InGaAs PD, APD)

3. Fiber Coupler (Fiber Fused Coupler, Fiber Filter Coupler)

4. Pump and Signal Combiner (Pump Laser Protector, Mode Field Adapter, Cladding Power Stripper)

5. Optical Isolator (High Power Fiber In-line Isolator, Fiber to Free Space Isolator, Free Space Isolator)

6. Optical Circulator


8. Band Pass Filter

9. Optical Attenuator

Quality Standard:

Our manufacturing facilities have passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, products are compliant to RoHS, IEC and Telcordia requirement.

Our Advantage:

1. Complete Production Line from Passive to Active Products

2. Consummation Quality Control System

3. Respose In Time

4. International Supply

5. Punctual Shipment

6. Customized Products Upon Request

Our Mission:

Always provide high quality products and fulfill meets customer's requirements

Our Factory Picture:

Product Categories
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