• Laser Diode
    Laser Diode
          Laser Diode is a semiconductor optoelectronic product which can output stable high quality laser light, it's widely used in Laser Imaging, Fiber Optic Sensor, Data Transmission and Testing System field. In this series, you can find pigtailed or plugable Laser diode with DFB, FP, Vcsel chip.
  • PIN Photodiode
    PIN Photodiode
         PIN Photodiode a semiconductor product which can detect light signal by transfering the light optical signal to electric signal, it's widely used in Fiber Optic Sensor, Fiber Optic Communication, Computed Tomography  and Testing System. You can find Tap PD, Si PIN PD and InGaAs PD with pigtailed type, pluggable type in this series.
  • Butterfly Laser Diode
    Butterfly Laser Diode
           Butterfly Laser Diode is a kind of LD with butterfly package, it can output high quality stable laser by the pigtailed fiber, it's widely used in Laser Source, Fiber Optic Sensor, Optical Bio-medical, OCT System, Laser Imaging. The Pigtail can be SM, PM, MM fiber upon request.
  • SOA
             Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA) is a optic active product which can boost the intensity of optical signal in a fiber optic communication system. The SOA built with angled multi-quantum-well chip to output stable amplified light, the TEC and Thermistor built in to control the device temperature. it's widely used in Optical Line Amplifier, Optic Non-linear Application and Optoelectronic Integration field. You can find polarization insensitive or polarization Maintaining type in this series.
  • Laser Driver
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