• Polarization Components
    Polarization Components
          Polarization Maintaining (PM) products is a kind of fiber passive components which need to keep the polarization maintaining or polarization status transfering. In this series you can find following products: In-line Polarizer, In-line Depolarizer, Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter, Faraday Rotator, Faraday Rotator Mirror, Half Wave Plate, Polarization Controller.
  • Fiber Coupler
    Fiber Coupler
         Fiber Coupler is a fiber passive component used to split the optical power with even or various coupling ratio, Seagnol Photonics provide FBT coupler, Filter Coupler, configuration 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 2x2, 2x4, 3x3, 4x4 or customized, the fiber couplers are widely used in Optical Diffraction System, fiber optic transmission and fiber optic sensor field.
  • Pump Combiner
    Pump Combiner
             Pump Combiner is a fiber passive componnet which can be used in coupling input pump laser with high coupling efficiency, in this series you can also find Multimode Pump and Signal Combiner, Cladding Power Stripper, Mode Field Adapter and Pump Laser Protector.  
  • Optical Isolator
    Optical Isolator
        Optical Isolator is a fiber passive component which allows light signal to be delivered in one forward direction and avoid the back reflection light, it's widely used in amplifier system, fiber optic sensor system to protect the light source and lower down the optical signal noise, Seagnol Photonics provide high quality optical isolator built with SM, PM, MM fiber, wavelength from 380nm~2000nm.
  • Optical Circulator
    Optical Circulator
    Optical Circulator is a fiber passive component  which can change signal light transmission path, usually, optical circulator has 3 or 4 ports, you can find the detail light path in Spec Sheet. It's widely used in Fier Optic Sensor, Coherent Decting, Fiber Optic Amplifier and WDM System. Seagnol Photonics provide fiber optic circulator wavelength from 380-2100nm with SM, PM, MM fiber.
  • WDM
        Wavelength Division Mulitplexer (WDM) is one of the most widely applied fiber optic component which can be used to combine different wavelength or seperate different wavelength signal.
  • Band Pass Filter
    Band Pass Filter
              Band Pass Filter is a fiber passive component which is based on thin-film filter technology, it can block the unwanted wavelength signal and pass the specific wavelength band. It's widely used in fiber amplifier and fiber laser field. Seagnol Photonics provide SM, PM type Band Pass Filter, high power is also available upon request.
  • Optical Attenuator
    Optical Attenuator
           Optical Attenuator is a fiber passive component which can control the attenuation of the optical power or low down the optical power with a fixed attenuation value, it's widely used in Optical Power Monitoring, Fiber Line Protection and Test System.
  • Optical Switch
    Optical Switch
          Optical Switch is optoelectronic passive product which can switch or operate the light signal in the optical transmission line or integrated optical path, it's widely used in Fiber Optic Sensor, Fiber Optic Communication and Testing System.
  • PLC & Fiber Array
    PLC & Fiber Array
            PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) is a widely used fiber passive component applied in telecommunication, we can also provide special PLC like PM PLC and MM PLC. Fiber Array is the key component in PLC, FA also has the other application in MEMS System, Fiber Optic Sensor and Silicon Photonic field, the FA channel from 1 to 64 are available.
  • Hybrid Products
    Hybrid Products
                 Hybrid Products including Tap+Isolator, Isolator+WDM, Tap+Isolator+WDM, the hybrid products integrates with 2 or 3 high power components to a compact package. Tap Coupler can separate the optical power for monitoring, Fiber Optic Isolator can used for avoiding the back reflection light, WDM can be used for combining the pump laser and signal light. The optical power can be customized upon request.
  • Fiber Patchcord
    Fiber Patchcord
          Fiber Patchcord, or called Fiber Jumper, it's a fiber cable terminated with connector at each end, the cable jacket can be 0.9, 2.0, 3.0mm or armored, the connector can be FC, SC, LC, ST, MPO, etc. Seagnol Photonics provide PM, SM, MM type fiber patchcord, we can also provide AR-coating, OCT, Large Core, Power Delvery, Optogenetics related fiber patchcord, and the products can be customized for some special application upon request.
  • Optical Biomedical
    Optical Biomedical
    Optical Biomedical is the intersection of optics and life sciences. SEAGNOL photonics supply high quality optical biomedical components mainly applied in optical coherence tomography (OCT) and Optogenetics.
  • Fiber Grating
    Fiber Grating
    Fiber grating is a diffraction grating formed by periodically modulating the refractive index of the fiber core by a certain method. It is a passive fiber component. 
  • RC80 Fiber Components
    RC80 Fiber Components
    RC80 Fiber somponents is a kind of fiber products that built with RC80 fiber, this series including RC80 Fiber Coupler, Fiber Isolator, Fiber Circulator, etc.
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