• Passive Products
    Passive Products
            Optical Passive Products including Fiber FBT Fused Coupler, Fiber Optic Isolator, Free Space Isolator, Fiber Optic Circulator, Multimode Pump and Signal, WDM, Band Pass Filter, Optical Attenuator, Optical Switch, PLC, Fiber Array, Fiber Patchcord, etc., they are widely used in Telecommunication, Fiber Optic Sensor, EDFA, Fiber Optic Laser, Optical Diffraction System, Optial Bio-medical field.
  • Active Products
    Active Products
          Optical Active Products are the key components in optic communication system, like Laser Diode, Photodiode, APD, SOA and some other active products you can find in this series. In general, Optical Active Products can transfer optic signal into electric signal or electric signal to optic signal, not all the optoelectronic products that requires electric power supply are optical active products.
  • Custom Products
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